Workshop Series for PCTs Really Hits the Mark

Beginning teachers need access to quality professional development. The first two years of registration are crucial in shaping a successful career in teaching and we see it as essential that PCTs get...

It Doesn't Happen Overnight!

It doesn’t happen overnight! It takes a leader of a committed, collegial and cohesive team to make even a good school great.School development is often driven by a disappointing ERO report. One school’...
Taitoko School Planning Session

A Strategic Approach to Professional Learning Development Has Results

Taitoko School is a school on the up and up. However, it hasn't always been easy and there have been many challenges. In particular, this decile 1 school in Levin has a history of low student...

Supporting student success

What is success? How we answer this question says a lot about what we value in life. It would be easy to think that in an education setting success has already been defined for us. However, Helen...

Effective pedagogy – The team approach

Accent Learning has developed a unique approach to in-depth professional development in schools.

Using student voice – Adding to your ‘evidence’

There are sound pedagogical reasons for collecting and documenting student voice.
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