Spring into Maths

Do you have students who need a boost in their number knowledge and strategy?

SPRING could be the solution you are looking for. It’s planned, systematic and easy to follow and links directly to the Number Framework.

How does it work?
  • Groups of 3-5 students working with a teacher aide for a 30 minute session, 3 - 4 times a week for a block of about 7-9 weeks.
What does a SPRING lesson look like?
  • The teaching session is a structured process that uses the same format during each teaching session, as follows:
    • S – start counting  
    • P – patterns  
    • R -  reinforcing strategy
    • I -  identifying numbers
    • N -  numbers facts
    • G -  games
What materials do you need?
  • There are six kits of games and teaching materials that support the lessons.  They cover:
    • Counting
      • Kit 1: Moving students to Counting All
      • Kit 2: Moving students to Advanced Counting
    • Part-whole
      • Kit 3: Moving students to Early Additive                           
      • Kit 4: Consolidating students at Early Additive                      
      • Kit 5: Moving students to Advanced Additive
      • Kit 6: Consolidating students at Advanced Additive (focus on tenths)
  • We will set you up to make these before or during the PD. Each kit comes with a programme overview and resources to be used by the teacher aide with the students. All kits have an evaluation chart for individual students that helps them track their progress.
  • We will provide support for your teachers and / or teacher aides so that they are familiar and confident with the lesson process and the materials that they will need.
For more information contact

Jeremy Bloomfield

Phone:  04 463 9575

Email:   jeremy.bloomfield@accent.ac.nz 

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