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Accent Learning’s approach to school support has evolved over years of experience. We promote needs-based professional development and learning the focus of which will be different for each school. Following a cycle of inquiry we can work with you on a design that meets your needs and your budget.

Being a more effective school. Improving teaching and learning. How Accent Learning can help. 

How Fee for Service works

No matter how well your school is doing, there will always be an area where improvement is possible. Accent Learning can advise you on how to realise that potential, and to raise levels of student progress and achievement.

We recognise that every school is different, and our fee for service programme will help to meet your vision for the national curriculum. We’ll partner with you to build a sustainable programme of Professional Learning and Development (PLD).

How do we work?

PLD works best when it is delivered in the school environment. We use a process of inquiry to identify real needs. Then we jointly develop and implement a plan to develop knowledge and skills.

In this process we first consult with the principal and other senior managers, and negotiate a fee. We also ensure that all staff members are informed about the focus and why. One or more facilitators work in collaboration with a group of teachers to inquire into their practice and make changes that will positively impact on all their students’ learning. We work as a team and across curriculum areas.

We aim to ensure that once we have left, your whole school is in a position to continue as a sustainable community of learners. However we remain on hand to help if required.

Our website is an important platform through which we can interact with our customers. Visit the workshops section for details about current workshops on offer.

For further information and to negotiate individualised  PLD for your school please contact Deidre Vercauteren.

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