About Accent School Support

School Support is a core part of Accent Learning, a professional consultancy business operating within Victoria University of Wellington.

What we do

Our work with schools is needs-based. We can support you with curriculum and: 

  • Teaching/leading as Inquiry - developing reflective practice

  • Your proposal for MOE initiative funding and its implementation

  • Spelling - sound to print

  • Mentoring

  • School and department review

  • Practicing Teachers' Criteria (PTC). Meeting specific requirements

  • Innovative Learning Environments

What else we do:

  • Accent Learning is licence holder for the internationally proven school anti-bullying programme KiVa. We have an increasing number of KiVa schools registered in New Zealand.
  • Work in Tonga with a team of key educators, responsible for professional development provision and teacher training, and 10 pilot schools. This is a partnership between Accent Learning, MFAT (NZ Aid) and the Ministry of Education and Training in Tonga.

Education Programme Manager:
·         Deidre Vercauteren
Education Consultants:   
·         Jeremy Bloomfield 
·         Jessica Craig