What an Impressive Group of Students!

I was so warmed to hear about a group from Ross Intermediate who have taken it upon themselves to solve a problem for some of their schoolmates.  

Six students want to raise $16,000 to get 72 kids, who can’t afford the necessary $200, to camp in November. They want the whole school to be able to attend so they have set up a ‘Give a Little’ page and are presenting to local businesses in the hope of receiving funding. 

I checked on  Give a Little and  they have already raised over $4000. Well done kids, that’s 20 more of your schoolmates paid for! 
I also saw a clip on TV One where, after a presentation, food rather than money was donated. It was great to see a local business respond in this way and it will surely help, maybe even reduce fees.
While this is a heart-warming story and shows we have community conscious students, it still raises an issue. Events and trips increase and become more expensive as we progress through secondary school.  One of the justifications I often hear for school uniforms is that all students look the same and any socio economic differences between families are negated, or at least diminished. Unfortunately those differences become patently obvious when parents are asked for sums in excess of $5000 for overseas curriculum or sporting trips. I remember, for example, Gallipoli for History and New Caledonia for French. It all seems important, but many parents simply can’t do it.
And I worry. What do these children do instead if left back at school? How do they feel? What is it like for them when everyone comes back buzzing full of information, experiences,and new friendships? How do they belong when they are not part of the learning that becomes the main topic in the classroom?

I don’t know what the answer is but maybe these Ross Intermediate kids are on to something. The first step was that they cared. They saw the unfairness of having to miss out and they did something about it. 

Deidre Vercauteren

Accent Learning, 19 September 2016