Workshop Series for PCTs Really Hits the Mark

Beginning teachers need access to quality professional development. The first two years of registration are crucial in shaping a successful career in teaching and we see it as essential that PCTs get the opportunity to meet with their peers and build on their skills.

With that in mind, Accent Learning continues to offer workshops to PCTs in Wellington each year.  

The following have proven to be popular topics:

PCT (1st Year)
Getting Started and Nailing your Portfolio
Running a great Reading programme
Running a great Numeracy programme
Running a great Written Language programme
PCT (2nd Year)
Literacy and Science
Mathematics Strands
Literacy and Social Sciences
PCTs (Combined)
Nailing your Portfolio Requirements
The Arts
Surviving and Thriving   
We are always on the lookout for relevant and helpful workshop themes and this year we offered new workshops in The Arts, Technology and PE / Health (coming up in Term 4). Please let us know if you have any specific requests! 

Here’s what a few PCTs had to say recently...

The workshop has given me strategies for teaching science in a fun, purposeful and engaging way! 
Attending the workshop has changed the way I support my students. One of the key shifts in my practice has been to move away from teaching science as a topic and to focus on the teaching of concepts and skills that the children need (five science capabilities).  
This has helped my work because my students are learning to use these skills and concepts in a wide range of contexts.  Students can transfer this knowledge and use it in all areas of science.    
Throughout my provisional registration period I have attended a number of workshops with Accent Learning, facilitated by Jeremy Bloomfield.  Jeremy's workshops always provide authentic and meaningful learning opportunities, rich resources and very valuable discussion time - with him and other teachers.  
I participated in the Mathematics Strands (PCT 2) workshop. The workshop has given me strategies for teaching number knowledge and strategy at different levels throughout the school including time management - managing your time to ensure maths is prioritised and a valued part of your classroom programme including ideas and techniques for integrating it across different curriculum areas.   
Several years ago we realised that there was a need to take these workshops further afield. With the generosity of a number of schools, who have hosted us, we have run PCT workshops in Horowhenua, Manawatu and Wairarapa.
Our thanks go to Shannon School, Douglas Park School, Levin East School and Ross Intermediate (Palmerston North). 
For more information about PCT support please contact Jeremy Bloomfield
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