Have some fun with a diagnostic pseudoword spelling test.

  Use this test to find out:

  • who might be dyslexic
  • who has trouble writing long vowels correctly
  • who has trouble with Latinate endings
  • who does not understand when to double letters to keep vowels short

This test is suitable for students in Year 6 and up. Download PDF here

The Literacy Learning Progressions state that by the end of Year 6 students should "draw on knowledge and skills that include:

  • using their knowledge of how words work ( e.g. knowledge of diverse phoneme-grapheme relationships, of common reliable spelling rules and conventions, and of the meanings and spellings of morphemes), along with their knowledge of word derivations, to fluently and correctly encode most unfamiliar words, including words of many syllables" (MoE, 2010, p. 13)

Students enjoy doing this test which must be used in a light-hearted spirit for a serious purpose.

If you would like a spelling workshop at your school – to Demystify the Polysyllables – get in touch with Accent Learning.

Jessica Craig.