Wellingtonians drink heaps of Timor Leste coffee

President Taur Matan Ruak of Timor Leste visited Wellington in June. New Zealand imports half a million dollars worth of coffee from Timor Leste every year.  Read all about his visit in this...
NZ vets, Dr Angela Park, Dr Sue Blaikie, and Dr Pietre Allan with Joanita (left)

NZ vets to help Timor Leste vets

A group of New Zealand vets have been inspired to help vets in Timor Leste as a result of a talk given by Ms Joanita Bendita Da Costa. She is a Timor Leste veterinarian working for the Ministry of...
Cambodian ELTSO participants with Wellington Mayor Celia Wade-Brown

Senior officials from SE Asia in Wellington for course at Victoria

In 2011, 14 senior government officials arrived in New Zealand from Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam, to study at Victoria University on the ELTSO (English Language Training for Officials), funded by the New...
ELTO Officials from Cambodia Vietnam and Laos visit the New Zealand MfE

NZ’s environment ministry makes for an interesting comparison

Four ministry officials from Lao PDR, one from Cambodia and one from Vietnam visited the Ministry for the Environment in Wellington recently. This was part of their ELTO (English Language Programme for...
The environmentally friendly ‘Ger’

Adaptable, transportable and easy on the environment: the Mongolian Ger

Munkhjargal Nergui from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade in Mongolia explains the advantages of their traditional dwelling.
Timor Leste students celebrate their restoration of Independence

Restoration of Independence celebrated

The highlight of ELTO Week nine was the chance to celebrate  a very significant day with ELTOs from Timor-Leste  – their Restoration of Independence.
Avonechit Vongsipasom checks inside the ‘cow’  for the calf’s birth position

ELTOS get familiar with NZ agricultural training

Checking  inside a simulated cow to see if its calf was in the right position for birth is not an everyday part of the ELTO study programme but Avonechit Vongsipasom from Laos was ready for the...
The Vietnamese women from ELTO Intake 35 in their Aodai

Popularity grows for the Vietnamese ‘Aodai’

Thi Mai Nguyen, ELTO Intake 35, from the National Academy of Public Administration in Vietnam explains the significance of the Aodai, that special symbol of Vietnamese women’s beauty.
Kolbotra Chhi addresses guests at the ELTO Alumni event

ELTO Alumni event in Cambodia

ELTO Alumnus, Mr. Kolbotra Chhi had the honour of making  a speech at the New Zealand Alumni Reception at the Cambodiana Hotel,Phnom Penh  during the recent visit by...
Cambodia a member of the Beautiful Bays Club

The Sea Festival in Cambodia

Sreysour Manny,  ELTO Intake 35, from the  Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training in Cambodia explains Cambodia’s newest festival, created by the Government to celebrate the sea.