Second-generation ELTO student reunites with father’s tutor

Vu Khuong Thai: proud to be Carol Legge’s first second-generation ELTO student.
Vu Khuong Thai: proud to be Carol Legge’s first second-generation ELTO student.
By Vu Khuong Thai
Before telling you the story about our beloved tutor Carol, I have to emphasise that life is full of surprises and coincident events. Many years ago, I met Dr Carol Legge during her first official visit to Vietnam as an invited guest of the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam – which was then named the Insitute for International Relations. At that time I was just a little boy who was too shy to speak to a foreigner, and the only thing that I could remember about Carol was that she was a kind and beautiful lady who taught my father (and later my father-in-law) when they studied English in New Zealand.
As time went by, never had I ever thought that I was going to meet Carol again in New Zealand, let alone be one of her ELTO students. Yet surprisingly, it was exactly what happened. It is really hard to describe my feeling when I saw Carol this time. I was really happy to see her healthy and beautiful as she had always been. But somehow, I felt as if I our last meeting was just few days ago even though we hadn’t really seen each other for such a long time.
Carol and her husband Tony often invited me to their place and treated me as their own grandchild, and this made me feel quite lucky. While I was there, her photo album captured my attention. I could recognise many Vietnamese senior officials who were trained in NZ and of course everyone in my big family too. At the time when these pictures were taken, no one would probably predict that I was going to marry the girl in the photo next to mine in Carol’s photo album.  
Carol is a very caring person who would make you feel absolutely relaxed and fascinated when working with her. You could see that Carol’s passion in teaching still remains the same as it was when she taught the very first ELTO students. She effectively helps you develop your English skill in depth, as well as helps you successfully overcome all the difficulties you may encounter. She is a remarkable role model. Thus I’m very proud to be her first second-generation ELTO student.
From the bottom of my heart, I would like to express my most sincere gratitude to Carol for her tremendous contributions toward Vietnam in particular and the S.E Asian region in general, in terms of both warm-hearted sentiment and enthusiasm in teaching. With all respect I truly wish Carol and her husband Tony good health, happiness, good luck, and all the best life may offer.