Lao government officials prepare for NZ

Intake 30 and 31 get together in Vientiane
Intake 30 and 31 get together in Vientiane

Within days of landing back in their home country Lao PDR Intake 30 ELTOs were at a social gathering to meet Intake 31. Held at Vientiane College on 29 June 2010 and orgainsed by Catherine Wood who is responsible for co-ordinating ELTO on behalf of NZAID Bangkok, the event included food and drink, discussions and a training session on the computers.

“We had a lovely get-together with all the ELTO 30 and 31s,” said Catherine “It was so wonderful for the new group to see how confident the returnees were; they all gave a small speech in English, totally off the cuff, about their experiences.“
Catherine said that everyone commented on what a great idea it was for them to meet like this so it’s definitely something that will continue to happen in Vientiane.
The Lao part of ELTO Intake 31 is bigger than in the past with 15 government officials going. They leave for New Zealand on 12 July.
As well as organizing pre-departure briefing sessions like this one, Catherine and the team at Vientiane College will be building up the alumni database and organising functions for as many past ELTOs as she can contact. They are urged to visit the website ELTO Alumni and register there.
Intake 31 sharpen up their IT skills at Vientiane College
Intake 30 Lao group meets 31
 Good advice flows freely