Conversation partners reunite in Cambodia

Berit Mohr with her conversation partner Trourpleak Ly
Berit Mohr with her conversation partner Trourpleak Ly

Berit Mohr, one of the volunteer conversation partners for ELTO intake 39, has just returned from her two week trip to Cambodia. She shares her experiences.

‘I left New Zealand with a funny feeling in my tummy, not knowing what to expect. I had never been to Asia before and all I knew about Cambodia was what I had been told by my conversation partners Leak (ELTO Asia Intake 38) and Thirith (ELTO Asia Intake 39). I was overwhelmed when I finally arrived after three hours delay to see almost all of the Cambodians from ELTO Asia intake 38 at the Phnom Penh airport.
I spent two wonderful days in Phnom Penh city being led around by the best local tour guides and fell straight in love with the Khmer culture and food. My breakfast at the R. market was definitely one of the highlights of that weekend.
Then finally, with the arrival of my mum from Germany the whole family was complete. We met at a wonderful local Khmer restaurant and had delicious Somlaa with vegetables, noodles and wonderful spices. A couple of Angkor ‘kampongs’ had to be part of a most incredible night.
Thank you so much guys, I will definitely return and we will meet again.   
Regrie dalban chup knea. Ao kun cheran, chnam kraue (‘It was a pleasure to meet you. Thank you very much, until next year’)'